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Visiting Rules
   Dear Sirs and Madams!

   Please note that the St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral, where our concert hall is located, is a functional church. In view of this, men should take off their head wear. Also, please do not speak loudly in the foyer and hall. Foods and drinks are not allowed in our hall.
   Please dress accordingly. It is not admitted to attend concerts in beachwear (particularly, in shorts and sport shirts) and with an unkempt appearance. The hall administrator shall finally decide on your dress style conformity with the above requirements.
   Please switch off your mobile phones during a concert.

   Photographing and camera shooting is allowed only before the concert beginning, during its intermissions and after it is finished. Shooting during the concert may be permitted only by the Chief Administrator.

Категорично забороняється:
- відвідання концертів у стані алкогольного та наркотичного сп'яніння.
- відвідування концертів з тваринами
- вживання у концертній залі будь-якої їжи та напоїв


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