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Concert Tickets
Concert tickets may be bought at the booking office of the National Organ and Chamber Music Hall of Ukraine. The booking office is located on the first floor of the Administration Building to the right of the St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral at the address:
77 Chervonoarmiiska Str. (Velyka Vasylkivska Str.). It is open every day, except for Sunday, from 12.00 noon till 7.30 p.m. non-stop.

You may also order tickets online on our website in the section Concerts Schedule or by phone (please call at (044) 528-8452) on business days from 3.00 p.m. till 5.00 p.m., or by e-mail (please message at ). Online reservation on our website is available four days prior to a concert date. The advance booking service is free of charge.

If you would like to order a ticket online, you should do the following:
1. Follow the link "To order a ticket" in a concert announcement in the section Concerts Schedule. If an announcement does not have such link, the booking service for this concert is not available.
2. Choose from one up to six seats on the hall plan, which are marked with respective colors according to their prices. The calculator at the page bottom will automatically calculate the price of your order.
3. Fill in your contact details at the page bottom. Leaving your phone number is not obligatory, but is desirable for us to contact you promptly if we need to specify your order.
4. Insert a check code and send the order. Then an order confirmation will be sent automatically to your e-mail address.

Please send your questions at or call us at 528-8452.


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